What Kind of People Sell Their Houses to Sell My House Fast Companies?

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Real Estate Consultants

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Everyone has seen advertisements from companies that buy houses for cash. Some companies advertise on TV while others place hand-printed signs on power poles at traffic congestion points. Either way, they’ve planted a seed in the minds of homeowners. So, why would homeowners sell their homes to “we buy houses Newport News” companies?

Planting the Seed

We all know that the choices people make are often very similar. The chances are good that they think alike as well. If they’re not feeling well, they seek a doctor. If they need something, they buy it. If they need to unload a house, they call a real estate agent. Or do they?

By the Numbers

According to statistics from March 2019, 21% of homeowners chose to sell their homes for cash. Of these, 13% were sold to real estate investors. This equates to 208,000 homes which were flipped last year. You can shop around for investors who offer up to 98% market value for your house.

Types of Fast Cash Sales

It isn’t as much about the transaction as it is about your reason for selling your home. Tragedies like a death in the family or a divorce are the most common reasons homeowners sell to “we buy houses Newport News” companies. If you bought a fixer-upper that’s more fixer than upper, and you’ve run out of money, that could be another reason for you to sell your home for cash. Bills that won’t stop coming in, needed upgrades to your home that you cannot afford to have done, and tax problems are other reasons you may need to sell your home quickly for cash.

Whatever your reason for selling your house fast, contact Business Name. We can give you a fast, fair offer on your home quickly.

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