CT Home Buyers Will Pay Cash for Your House

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Real Estate Consultants

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Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, have you considered selling to a real estate investor?

The majority of sellers will probably think first of listing their house with a realtor. This is a good approach if you have time. Many sellers are not in that enviable position. They must sell their house fast, and for cash. A realtor will get you more money for your house. However, you will have to spend money preparing it for the market. Then you may have to wait several months for it to sell. This is not the case when you sell to CT home buyers who purchase homes, in any condition, for cash.

There are good reasons for selling to an investor.

They Will Buy the House “As Is”
If your house is not in the best state of repair, or if it is located in a less desirable part of town, do not worry. Investors purchase houses to flip them. By selling to an investor, you can avoid costly repairs that would be your responsibility should you list it with a realtor. If you cannot, or do not, want to put money into your house, consider contacting an investor who buys properties for cash.

Deals Close Fast

Investors have cash at their disposal. So the sale can proceed without the involvement of banks or mortgage companies. By skipping all the normal stages, the process is sped up considerably. In many cases, when you sell your house for cash, the deal can be completed within a week.

There are good reasons why people want to or need to sell their house. Many homeowners contact cash buyers when they need to relocate quickly in order to take advantage of a new opportunity. In other cases, families need to upsize or downsize due to life-events, or they are facing a financial dilemma. Whatever the reason, CT home buyers are available to help.

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