Pricing Top Real Estate in Denver Correctly

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Real Estate

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When pricing top real estate in Denver, you want to do so correctly from the beginning. One of the worst mistakes a seller makes when listing their home for sale is pricing. Getting the listing price right from the start is crucial because it determines how quickly your house will sell or if it will remain on the market for months on end.

Don’t Price it to Negotiate

A common mistake made by sellers is pricing the home on the high side to negotiate a lower price. They mistakenly believe that buyers will come in low on offers. Your real estate agent has a good idea of how much your home will sell for, so listen to them. Never list it for more than $10,000 above what they recommend. Buyers today can quickly determine if your listing is overpriced. If it is, they won’t even bother to come to look.

Never Choose Your Agent Based on Listing Price

When selling top real estate in Denver, never choose your agent based on what they recommend you list your house for. In Denver alone, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate agents to choose from. Some are great at what they do, while others are what you would call the bottom of the barrel.

Just because an agent claims that they can sell your home for the highest amount doesn’t mean that they are great at what they do. Always interview potential agents and talk to former clients to see what they can do.

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