How to Find Student-friendly South Florida Apartments Around USF

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Apartment Building

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University of South Florida students need safe, affordable, and comfortable housing that’s near campus. With so many options, how do students know they’re getting a great deal? Check out these tips for finding student-friendly apartments around USF.

Look for No-Application Fee Apartments

Applying for housing shouldn’t cost a fortune. Students are on tight budgets as it is. Student-friendly apartment complexes get this and don’t nickel and dime their applicants. These apartment complexes don’t charge application fees and often waive deposits.

Choose Apartment Complexes that Offer Individual Leases

Traditional apartment leases require every person on the least to shoulder each other’s responsibility. Student apartments treat leases differently. They offer individual student leases, which means if a roommate doesn’t pay their share of the rent, it doesn’t affect the other roommates’ housing. Individual leases give students peace of mind that they’re in control of their housing and future.

Choose Apartments with Shuttle Services

Getting to and from campus shouldn’t be a problem. Even if a student has a vehicle, they might not want to deal with parking and congestion. One way to avoid these hassles is to find apartments near campus that offer shuttle services.

Opt for Better Student Living

Say goodbye to traditional college dorm rooms and hello to luxury living. Better student living does exist off-campus at student-friendly apartments. These apartments have several floorplans to accommodate 2-5 roommates, Wi-Fi everywhere, and are fully furnished.

To learn more about better-living student apartments around USF, check out Lark on 42nd today.

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