Are Companies that Claim “We Buy Houses in Tulsa” Real?

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Real Estate

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Have you seen a sign along the highway claiming we buy houses in Tulsa? They usually claim to offer cash on the spot, and the companies don’t care why you need to sell. Whilecompanies are very good at buying you out of your mortgage it is a little different than your average real estate agent, you can find that the process is faster, and you can get plenty of money right now for a house that you don’t want or can’t afford.

Who the Investors Target?

Primarily, these investors want you to come to them. Therefore, they rarely do much more than advertise online and along the road. They believe that if you are in a certain financial situation where quick money is essential, you are going to contact them. Many times, you may find yourself in bankruptcy or avoiding foreclosure and want to sell your house quickly. You may just want to avoid all the realtor fees and time it takes, or you may be going through a divorce or have a vacant home that you don’t want to rent out or otherwise deal with.

No Commissions or Fees

These companies are so popular because the investors don’t require any commission on the sale of the house like a real estate agent. Plus, they don’t require any fees; you don’t have to pay them anything to list your house because they make a cash offer on the spot. If you like it and feel it is fair, you can accept, and they can work up the contract and pay you faster.

If you do owe money on the mortgage, you’re likely to see that amount reflected in the price. These companies are very good at buying you out of your mortgage so that you can start fresh without it hanging over your head. Many times, it is the sole reason why people sell to these investment companies. For more information contact W Properties.

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