Why Divorcing Couples in Jacksonville Should Sell Their Home for Cash

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Real Estate

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Couples who are going through a divorce often have to decide what will happen with the family home. Many make the decision to sell it and then split the money according to what has been laid out in the divorce agreement. It allows both parties to walk away with cash and the ability to start with a clean slate.

Something that can be a challenge for those who are going through a divorce is to make decisions about repairing home, staging it to sell in the traditional way, hiring a real estate agent, and all of the other details related to selling a home. Working together during this process can be just too much for the couple and cause unnecessary problems. In a situation like this, the ability to sell my house in Jacksonville, FL, as-is is a lifesaver.

Many companies buy houses for cash in an as-is state. The process is quick. If a person wants to go the route to sell their house in Jacksonville, FL, as-is, the process could be done in less than two weeks. There is no need to do any repairs. There is no need to clean the home and stage it. The only thing the couple needs to do is be honest about the true condition of the home. This will speed up the selling process. After they accept the offer from the company, they can start packing their bags.

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