What’s the Best Time to Tour Pet Friendly Apartments by TWU in Texas?

by | Dec 26, 2020 | student Housing Center

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It’s never too early to take a tour of that student apartment you’ve been thinking about. Most pet-friendly apartments by TWU fill up quickly, so you don’t want to wait too long. However, there are certain advantages to touring at certain times of the year. Here’s why you should follow your student apartment on social media long before you actually apply for a room.

When’s the Best Time to Tour a Student Apartment?

Periodically, student apartments offer special deals and giveaways to potential residents who take a tour at a certain time. And they’re not offering cheap branded merchandise, either: their giveaways typically involve luxury gifts like a new iPad or a $500 Amazon gift card. To be entered to win, all you have to do is take a tour at a certain time. You could walk away with a brand new iPad or another electronic, and all you had to do was show up.

So when do they offer giveaways for potential new residents? There’s no set date, so you’ll have to follow them on social media to get notified whenever they launch another giveaway. Make sure you call ahead first and secure your spot: if you don’t call ahead, they might not have room for you when you arrive.

Stay updated on pet friendly apartments by TWU by checking out the Redpoint Denton website. You can also follow Redpoint on social media to stay on top of all the latest deals and giveaways for potential residents.

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