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We Buy Houses in CT

When you realize you have to sell your house, you may not have a lot of time to do it. Perhaps you are facing financial problems. Perhaps you have accepted a dream-job out of state. Whatever the reason, selling a house in the traditional manner is neither easy nor fast. You have to agree with a local real estate agent, determine the market price of the house, prepare the house so it looks its best, and then wait. In many cases, you can wait for months, and when you do get an offer, there is no guarantee the sale will go through.

Using a real estate agent is not the only way to sell your property. There are investors who say, “We buy houses in CT.” They not only buy houses, but they also buy them for cash, and they are in a position to close the sale quickly. The advantages are real. You can sell your house quickly, for cash. You will not have to concern yourself with unforeseen circumstances that can break a deal.

Sales Are Fast

There is nothing faster than a cash sale. A cash sale eliminates the time it takes to get an offer and then hold your breath that all goes well. Once you have accepted the buyer’s offer, the deal can be wound up in as little as a week. If you are dealing with aggressive creditors, or you have to relocate quickly, speed is of the essence. Nothing is faster than selling your house for cash.


When you accept an offer from an investor, there is no need for you to repair or remodel the house. The investor is buying the property in “as is” condition. You do not have to spend valuable time and money turning the place into a model home. The cash buyer will offer less for the house than you might expect otherwise, but you are not faced with any expenses, including closing costs or fees.

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