Tips for Writing a Residential Real Estate Listing in Weehawken, NJ

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Real Estate

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The majority of homeowners looking to sell in New Jersey entrust the important task of writing real estate listings for their properties to real estate agents. However, most agents will also allow their clients to write their listings if the owners feel that option would be more appropriate. Homeowners who want to take a more active approach can read on to find out how to write a Residential Real Estate Listing in Weehawken NJ that will be attention-grabbing and effective.

Be Descriptive

Many listings are composed primarily of subjective phrases telling readers how much they’ll love homes, but this is not very effective as a marketing technique. Instead, tell readers what specific features the home has that will make them love it. Be sure to include brief descriptions of outdoor features as well, as many buyers are looking for well-developed landscapes and yards.

Keep it Short

Most experts agree that effective listings weigh in at around 250 words. This allows sellers enough space to point out their homes’ best features without overwhelming potential buyers with information. Try to prioritize the most important descriptive elements and begin with those.

Learn the Lingo

Certain words have been proven to attract more buyers. Adjectives like luxurious, captivating, and impeccable are all known to attract attention and create a good first impression. These can be sprinkled throughout a Residential Real Estate Listing in Weehawken NJ for added effect.

Don’t Repeat Information

Real estate listings need to be short, so it’s essential to make full use of that space. Don’t repeat information, and ask about what basic info such as lot size, year built, and the number of bedrooms will already be included by the real estate agent. This will help to ensure that sellers can fit everything they need to into their listings.

Consider Leaving it to the Pros

If writing an effective real estate listing seems like a lot of work, that’s because it is. There’s no shame in leaving this aspect of marketing a home to real estate agents who know exactly what their buyers will be looking for. Click here to find an agency that can help homeowners get started today.

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