The Benefits of Living in Off-Campus Housing While at College

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Apartment Building

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If you are thinking about attending college, you already know that living with a complete stranger in a small college dorm doesn’t exactly sound like a lot of fun. This is why so many students consider UNCW off-campus housing while they are attending school. Here are just a few of the benefits that this type of living arrangement offers.

More Space

Face it, college dorm rooms are small and while the common areas may be large, they are also packed with other people. There are definitely times when you just want to be alone. While you may have to get a roommate to help defray the cost of rent in off-campus housing, you will still be provided far more room so that you can relax in your own space.

More Responsibility

One of the most valuable ways young adults grow at college is by becoming more responsible. This is exceptionally difficult to do while living in a dorm because the college is still basically doing everything for you. By living in UNCW off-campus housing, you are responsible for paying your own rent, buying your own groceries and cooking meals, and a host of other things of which to take care of.

You Make The Rules

When you living on your own, you make your own rules. Unlike living in a dorm, you are not subject to curfews, visitor restrictions, or any pet policies. You can live as you see fit.

If you are interested in living off-campus while attending UNCW, contact Redpoint Wilmington.

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