Squeeze Every Drop from Your Ugly House, the Ultimate Liquid Asset

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Real Estate

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You’ve probably seen the ads on television and/or searched online for “we buy ugly houses in Atlanta: reviews.” Selling your ugly house to a professional house buyer is the newest, fastest, easiest, hassle-free way to turn your house into cash in record time. The truth is, most professional house buyers are open to purchasing less-than-pretty properties. In fact, that’s fairly standard in the industry. Here’s how it really works.

Work With a Local Buyer Whose Expertise is Atlanta

A keyword search containing “we buy ugly houses in Atlanta: reviews” will yield a result for companies willing to buy your property no matter how ugly it is. Both national and local professional house buyers follow roughly the same format for scouting out new properties worth selling.

The seller initiates the process with a phone call. After a brief conversation, the buyer visits the property, does a walk-through and conducts a little more research.

A fair, obligation-free, written offer for your house usually follows. Closing takes place within days, and you can have your cash in less than two weeks.

What Determines the Offered Amount for Your Ugly House?

The ultimate offer for your house depends on its interior and exterior condition, the need for repairs, any outstanding associated costs and, of course, the house’s location. Here’s where a local buyer is the obvious better choice.

A local, professional house buyer based in Atlanta whose focus is on Georgia cities has a more accurate, first-person idea of specific factors that affect your house’s value. Taking these specific factors into account helps a local professional house buyer make a more informed decision and a more competitive offer for your ugly house.

Selling your house for cash immediately removes the financial and emotional burden of owning a property you no longer want, never wanted at all, don’t have time to take care of or don’t possess the capital to maintain.

Serving major and minor cities of Georgia, Better House Buyers helps you solve the problem of how to transform your old, ugly, or unwanted house into hard cash in record time. Reach out today at and sell your house for the best price possible.

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