Should You Live in Student Apartments in Cal State Sacramento?

by | Apr 3, 2022 | student Housing Center

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When moving away from home to attend college, there is an important question you must ask yourself. You must decide whether you should live in a dorm or one of the many student apartments in Cal State Sacramento. If you’re stuck on the pros and cons, keep reading. Here’s the difference between living in an apartment and a dorm.

More Privacy

Did you know that a student apartment will provide you with more privacy? You’ll also get your own bathroom. There are so many perks when living in an apartment over a dormitory, so it’s worth looking into if you consider yourself a more private person. Many dorms have shared bathrooms. You may also have to share your bedroom with a roommate.

More Space

You may also have more space when living in an apartment. Make sure to look at floor plans online!

More Amenities

One of the biggest perks of living in an apartment? You get way more amenities! For example, you might not have a full kitchen in a dorm. Dorms save space and are wonderful for students who want to be right on campus. However, some students require more space to suit their needs.

Some Final Words on Finding Your Student Apartment

On the market for a new student apartment. As you can see, there are several pros, as an apartment offers more space, amenities. and privacy. If you’re struggling to find your dream apartment, consider Lark Sacramento!

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