Reasons to Work with Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers in Connecticut

by | May 6, 2019 | Real Estate Agent

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Many people want to work with a real estate agent because they have the right tools to list your home and help you get more interest. However, you may not know much about flat fee real estate brokers in Connecticut and how they work. These services usually give sellers the right to list the home on the MLS, and sometimes, that is all you get from these services. You don’t get any other features, such as negotiations or help with hosting open houses.

However, some of these flat-fee brokers do offer other services, so it helps to find out what is included first before working with them.

When to Use These Services

People who want to primarily sell their home themselves should consider a flat-fee service because it gives them more online exposure so that interested buyers can see their listing. You will still have to pay commission to the buyer’s agent, which is usually up to three percent of the price.

While that can seem like it’s defeating the purpose of selling by yourself, you are still saving up to three percent of the sale price that you’d pay to your selling agent.

Therefore, you can still save money using an agent who has contact with buyers, and a better chance of selling your home.

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