How Can I Sell My House Fast in Raytown?

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Real Estate Consultants

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It can be extremely frustrating to sell a house, especially when you want to sell it fast. There are three popular methods used by people who want to sell their house.

  • Place it in the hands of a local real estate agent
  • Sell it privately, and
  • Sell it to a real estate investor

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Selling the house with the help of a real estate agent should ensure you get the best price. However, an agent cannot necessarily advertise services like “sell my house fast in Raytown.” There is little doubt that real estate agents know the market and can get the best price for the house. These firms take care of everything including promotion, showing the home and putting together the closing documents. If you can wait months to sell and you are happy to pay up to six percent in agent fees, hiring a real estate agent is a valid approach.

Sell the House by Yourself

If you were to attempt to sell your house privately, you would avoid paying fees, but you have to do all the work yourself. Furthermore, without the help of advertising, which agents do, it may take a year or more to sell.

If you are uncomfortable with, or inexperienced in, selling houses, this may not be the best option.

Sell to a Real Estate Investor

If you have to sell your house quickly and you do not want to undertake any additional work or repairs, selling to a real estate investor is a great option. You will not get top-dollar for the house, but it is easy and quick. Most investors will give you an offer on the spot and in many cases, close within a week. There are no commission fees to pay and the investor will buy the house “as is.”

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