When Houses For Sale Are The Better Option

by | May 2, 2018 | Real Estate Agent

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Coquitlam BC, Port Moody, and Port Coquitlam form the Tri-Cities area just outside Vancouver. Within this region, condos remain hot in the market. However, this should not discourage those who are looking at houses for sale. In fact, this means greater opportunities to find a house while everyone is looking at condos.

Why Choose a House?

Detached houses are the dream of many Canadians. Statistics indicate this remains the preference of many young couples and families. While some homebuyers picture this home as a “starter home,” others see it as a forever residence. They plan to stay there for as long as possible. A few others look at houses for sale as an investment.

For those who want to settle down in Coquitlam BC, no matter how briefly, a detached home may be the better option if:

  • You like to actually own the house and the land it sits on
  • You plan to remodel, renovate or make structural changes – this may not be permissible in some townhouses and certainly not in a condo
  • You like to putter around or can afford to hire someone to do maintenance and repairs
  • You want to have a back and/or front yard for children to play in, a dog to run in and a garden to grow

Moreover, some other factors make a detached home in Coquitlam more suitable. Detached houses generally offer families and individuals more space in a variety of ways. This includes closets, garage, basements, and attics. Even with zero lot lines, many houses offer privacy from neighbours which can be lacking in townhouses and condos.

House for Sale in Coquitlam BC

The detached house in Coquitlam BC is not the most stable option in the housing market. Condos and townhouses are increasingly popular. However, when it comes to considering available houses for sale, detached homes may prove to be the most available, the most desirable and the most suitable.

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