Getting Settled in a Charlottesville Apartment While You’re a Student

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Apartment Building

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Living in a small dorm room while you’re in college might not be at the top of your list of experiences. An option to consider is a student apartment. Here are some tips that can make this living situation pleasant for you and any roommates that you might have.


There’s nothing wrong with having guests visit. However, when you’re living in Charlottesville apartments near UVA, you want to make sure you tell your roommates so that they know there will be other people there for at least a short time. They could even invite someone over as well so that they don’t feel alone while your friends are over.

Small Appliances

Consider getting a mini-fridge if you don’t want to go into the kitchen all the time to get snacks and drinks. When you live in Charlottesville apartments near UVA, you might find that the kitchen isn’t as spacious as you expected. Even though the refrigerator is usually a standard size, there might not be a lot of space for extras in it if you have one or two roommates.


Visit multiple apartment complexes until you find one that offers the space that you need. If you don’t have furniture, try to find an apartment that already has the basics, such as a bed, small table, refrigerator, and stove. If you have roommates, consider getting a couch and other shared items together so that one person isn’t spending too much money. You can usually find bargains by talking to people who are moving out of apartments and selling their furniture as well.

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