For Custom Homes Fort Wayne Residents May Choose the One-Story Ranch Style

by | May 26, 2016 | Home Builders

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Some people feel the prevalence of ranch homes is too high for their liking, and they are determined to have any design of house but that. Nevertheless, there are good reasons why ranch homes remain relatively popular and why so many property owners choose this style. For Custom Homes Fort Wayne property owners can choose from a myriad of ranch floor plans if they prefer rooms all on one level.

The percentage of new ranch houses in the United States really took off after World War II and reached a peak in the 1950s and 1960s. Ranch homes were of relatively modest size compared to many older houses, and they could fit on a smaller lot. That allowed many people to become owners of new houses. This is still a factor in the continued construction of new homes in this style today. Larger ranch homes can be constructed, but that requires a bigger lot or some acreage. Property owners who want a bigger house commonly start thinking about having more than one level.

Another factor in today’s preference for ranch homes is the aging population. People approaching their senior years realize they may not want to routinely climb up and down interior stairways as they get older. Having all the living space, bedrooms and bathrooms, and the laundry room on one level is appealing. Eventually, some elderly individuals cannot climb stairs. They may wind up closing off the upstairs altogether or having to move.

When choosing floor plans for Custom Homes Fort Wayne residents need to decide on a design that is ideal for their own needs. More real estate buyers are looking for one-story homes again compared with the past few decades. There is a practical character to the ranch style that people like. Even a bi-level house with a short interior stairway may require lugging a vacuum cleaner up and down those stairs. A custom building contractor such as is happy to work with property owners on creating the perfect ranch style. The customized design allows property owners to modify a standard ranch floor plan with features that are more satisfying for them, such as adding a family room in back of the garage. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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