Don’t Pay High Property Taxes – Put The Tax Assessor In His Place

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Real Estate

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As the saying goes, the two things in life that are certain are death and taxes. Fortunately, even if every homeowner must pay property taxes, there is a way for some homeowners to lower the amount of taxes they must pay. Of course, the Tax Assessor would be happy if every homeowner paid their taxes with no questions asked but, due to housing market fluctuations, the assessed value of a home doesn’t always match up to the true market value of the property. If this is the case, with a little investigation, many homeowners may find out they’re paying too much in property taxes because the assessed value on their home is too high. The value may not have been adjusted for the current market conditions.

For many homeowners, knowing their home’s market value is too high and requiring them to pay too much in property taxes is upsetting, but they have no idea how to get the value adjusted. Fortunately, contacting a company such can help correct the property value and make paying lower taxes a reality.

There are companies that focus on just this and, by hiring one, the homeowner can rest assured that they’ll only be paying the fair amount of taxes they owe, not taxes based on an over-inflated property value. Tax abatement companies are familiar with the deadlines that must be met to file a tax appeal. They will also request the property information the tax assessor based the valuation on and check its validity. The company will get a current appraisal of the property from an independent appraiser approved by the county and also will review comps in the area to determine an accurate valuation of the property. If the new home appraisal is much lower than the assessed value, the company will present the findings to the assessor. Many times, the assessor will adjust the valuation at that point with no further discussion. If not, the company must obtain a date for the valuation board and go before them to attempt to adjust the value of the home.

It’s suggested that the homeowner knows what he’s paying for when it comes to household expenses. Don’t settle for paying high taxes because it’s too complicated to change them. Contact a company that knows all the ins and outs of the process. Though paying taxes may be a given, paying too much isn’t.

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