Dallas Homeowners: Sell Your House For Cash Fast, Pay No Closing Costs

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Real Estate

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Good news: there’s an easy, quick way to sell your home for cash in Dallas. The process does not entail a real estate agent, you won’t pay a commission, you won’t pay closing costs and you’ll have a firm cash offer in as little as two business days. Here’s how it works.

From First Phone Call to Finish

To initiate the selling process, reach out to an investor who offers cash for houses. A brief phone conversation and a visual inspection of your home are all that the initial process entails.

Discuss why you want to sell your home. Detail any necessary repairs or liens. None of these factors disqualifies you from the selling process, but necessary repairs and liens may affect the overall selling timeline and your eventual profit.

No Closing Costs? Yes, That’s Right

Closing costs are a fact of selling your home through a real estate agent or using traditional selling strategies. These strategies have essential fees attached for attorneys, surveys, preparation of documents, title insurance and real estate agent’s fees.

When you sell your home for cash in Dallas, you eliminate the need for all of these additional parties and corresponding fees. You’re selling directly to an investor who appraises your house and property for free, does their own research and makes you a transparent cash offer.

You can sell your home as is, and you can close on a schedule that is most convenient for you. Your closing date can be days or months away, giving you sufficient time to collect yourself, get affairs in order and relocate comfortably.

Go to CashHouseBuyersUSA.com to find out how simply and quickly Cash House Buyers USA can help you sell your home for cash in Dallas.

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