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Comparisons of Student Apartments in Baton Rouge and Residence Hall Life

University representatives, particularly those in the housing and student life departments, often tout the advantages of living on campus. Nevertheless, a large number of individuals look forward to moving into student living apartments in Baton Rouge as soon as their school policy allows.

These young men and women don’t like the close quarters and the noise of residence hall life with so many other people. They also understand the distinct advantages of moving into student living apartments in Baton Rouge.

Two main benefits of living on campus are understood.

Residence Hall Convenience

The first is convenience. Classrooms, the library and eating areas are generally within quick walking distance. Students can eat in the commons, so they do not have to shop for food and prepare meals. Living in a dorm room does not require much cleaning time.

Motivation to Study

The second potential benefit is being more motivated to study when surrounded by a large number of other students. That second theoretical advantage of dorm life can be undermined by other factors, however. Having so many young people congregated together can be a continual temptation to socialize or party instead of buckling down to study. Those who need peace and quiet to get their work done may have to head to the library, just as many off-campus students do.

It may actually be easier for apartment renters to work peacefully at home when they have their own bedroom and only have two or three roommates. That’s the possibility provided at Redpoint Baton Rouge apartments.

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