College Roommate Conflict? Three Ways to Solve It in New Brunswick, NJ

by | Aug 9, 2022 | student Housing Center

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For many students, part of living in Rutgers University’s off-campus housing is having a roommate. Roommates make off-campus living safer and more affordable, but they can also be a source of conflict. Whether your roommate is your bestie or a total stranger, here are three strategies to help you get along and have a better relationship with them.

Set Clear Expectations

A clear, written set of rules and expectations is the backbone of a positive roommate relationship. Work together with your roommate to establish a mutual agreement that you can both live with.

Be Willing to Compromise

A big part of getting along with your roommate in Rutgers University off-campus housing is understanding that you can’t always get your way. For example, you might agree that your roommate can have the covered parking space if they agree to give you the larger bedroom.

Give Each Other Time

Once you and your roommate come to an agreement, it’s important to give each other time to comply with expectations. Try to be patient and understanding. If your roommate fails to change their behavior after a reasonable period of time, consider speaking with them again or bringing in a third-party mediator.

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