Choosing Officers’ Housing After Getting Your PCS Orders

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Real Estate

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Are you moving again? Finding an apartment rental doesn’t get easy, no matter how often you receive your PCS orders. If you’re looking for options, here are some tips to ease the stress of relocating to another base.

Consider If You’ll Live on Base or Off

Consider whether you want to live on base or outside. Some civilians live on base, but this is rarely the case. Service members, though, can choose to rent. If you want flexibility and freedom, choosing officers’ housing in Virginia Beach may be a better option.

Look for Military-Friendly Options

Some apartment management companies provide apartments especially designed for military personnel. When you research officers’ housing in Virginia Beach, start with that. A company that already rents to service members makes for an excellent option. If they’re often the go-to choice for military personnel, it’s likely that they provide excellent service and rental options.

Ask About Repairs and Replacements

Pick an officers’ housing rental in Virginia Beach that you won’t have to worry about. How often does the property management company carry out repairs? Does the company keep the property in tip-top condition? Ask about that. If the company is transparent about carrying out quick, timely repairs, that’s another reason to choose that rental over the rest.

Choose a Firm That Works with Service Members

You’re often gone for weeks. And if these aren’t your first PCS orders—nor will they be the last—you’ll move again in a few years. Find a property management firm that understands that. A company that knows how things are for military personnel is ideal. They make concessions. For instance, can you book the housing even when you’re still on a ship? Will they allow that? They can even activate the utilities, so the unit will be ready for you.

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