Another Option for Selling Your Home

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Real Estate

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When you are in the market to sell your home, you may think you have to hire a realtor to list and sell it for you. It may not occur to you that you have the right to list and sell your home yourself. If it does, you may think the process is too complicated and lengthy to handle on your own.

However, you may not even need to list your home for sale in order to liquidate it. By selling it to a business that promises, “We buy houses fast in Indianapolis,” homeowners like you can avoid the expense and hassle of listing it and instead sell it directly to a qualified buyer.

When you unload it to a business with a slogan of “We buy houses fast in Indianapolis,” owners like you do not even have to list your house for sale online or in local newspapers. Instead, you can contact the company directly and tell them you are interested in selling your home today. The company can then send out someone to inspect and appraise your home to determine its value.

Once the appraisal and inspection are finished, the company agent can make you an offer. The amount of money being offered to you may be less than what you paid for the home. Still, it will be based on factors like the home’s current appraisal value as well as home prices in the area.

The money you get from the sale can be used to pay off the remainder of your mortgage. You also could use it to put a down payment on a better house elsewhere. You can typically close the sale for the home in a matter of days. The company will then cut you a check that you can put in your bank account promptly.

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